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The best productivity tool for students: Link Preview browser extension

Updated: May 29, 2024

We’ve all been there — drowning in research papers, overwhelmed by endless tabs, and constantly clicking links that lead us...well, nowhere near what we actually need. That’s why we created MaxFocus, a link preview browser extension designed to help you learn faster and conquer those studies with some seriously cool features!

No more tab overload

Remember the frustration of clicking a link and suddenly finding yourself lost in a maze of websites, forgetting your original search topic? MaxFocus’s link preview feature puts an end to that! Just hover/long-click/ over any link, and poof! A handy pop-up window appears right on your current page, displaying the entire webpage.

Wikipedia Link preview

Ask questions right on the page

MaxFocus doesn’t just show you the webpage — it helps you understand it too! Our built-in AI assistant goes beyond basic summaries. You can actually ask questions about the content you’re previewing. Confused about a specific concept? Need clarification on unfamiliar vocabulary? Just ask your AI assistant, and it will provide clear explanations right within the pop-up window.

Link preview on Khan Academy

Focus on the lecture, not the distractions

Students know the struggle of watching educational videos on YouTube. Comments, suggested videos, and endless rabbit holes can easily derail your focus. MaxFocus offers a solution! When you click a YouTube link, MaxFocus transforms the page, displaying only the video itself. No more distractions, just pure, focused learning. Imagine watching a lecture or documentary without any sidebars or temptations to click away.

Summary of the Wikipedia page

Get more ideas

But wait, there's more! MaxFocus also suggests related links within the pop-up window. This feature helps you discover relevant resources you might have missed, keeping your research comprehensive and well-rounded.

Summary of the Wikipedia page

Pick your look & feel

MaxFocus offers a variety of features to make your learning experience more enjoyable. The pop-up window comes with several stylish presets you can choose from, so you can personalize your research environment. You can also change the frame color, adjust the opacity for more transparency, or add a blur effect to minimize distractions on the main page.

Summary of the Wikipedia page

Short feature summary:

  • Link Previews: Hover/long-click over a link to see the webpage directly in a pop-up window. Find what you need fast and stay focused.
  • AI Assistant: Stuck on a concept? Ask your built-in AI assistant for clear explanations right in the preview window. Learn faster and avoid distractions.
  • Suggested Related Links: Discover relevant articles you might have missed! MaxFocus acts like your research assistant, suggesting new resources for a well-rounded investigation.
  • Distraction-Free YouTube: Focus on lectures, not comments! MaxFocus transforms YouTube links, showing only the video. Learn without getting sidetracked.

Conquer research, focus on your studies, and achieve academic success with your research partner by your side - install MaxFocus Link Preview today!

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